ToorCon 12

ToorCon 12 is just days away, and it's bound to be another great year of this excellent conference! Per usual, many Neg9 members will be attending and this year we have three members presenting on two different topics.

Time: Sunday, 12:00

Eric Butler and Ian Gallagher (craSH) are presenting on HTTP session hijacking, but with a twist. This isn't anything that's new, no 0days here - but they plan to address privacy issues that current popular sites expose their users to, and they will be releasing a slick new tool during the talk that may cause quite a stir. Have fun on the open ToorCon WiFi ;]

Time: Sunday, 15:30

Joel Voss (Javantea) is presenting on some research he has been doing over the past year on the Lanrev application/protocol, and some vulnerabilities which exist in it that the vendor refuses to fix.

Posted on Oct. 17, 2010, 12:23 a.m. by craSH