TAMUctf 2021 Unzip - 100 points

Hey, can you unzip this for me? chall.zip

Step 1: Convert the zip file to a file that John can crack.

Note that this is a pretty standard tool…

zip2john ~/Downloads/chall.zip >~/altsci/tamuctf/chall.txt



Step 2: Crack the password.

john --format=raw-sha256 --rules --wordlist=crack/ai3words_order.txt ~/altsci/tamuctf/chall.txt

John cracks it pretty quickly with a simple wordlist but I chose to use the AI3 wordlist which you can download with my DNSSEC research.

The password is hunter2, a common IRC joke.

unzip chall.zip 
Archive:  chall.zip
[chall.zip] flag.txt password: 
cat flag.txt 

The flag is gigem{d0esnt_looK_lik3_5t4rs_t0_M3}