OpenCTF 2015 - superserial (usb,misc 100) Writeup


superserial 100 --- there are flags hidden on and about the beaglebone. The flag referring to Goatse goes here

Watching dmesg on a Linux system when plugging in the beaglebone, we see several devices that it exposes, including the USB network interface, among others. The reported serial number for one of these devices is the flag.

Below is exactly what can be seen in dmesg:

2010-01-01T02:24:50.207Z cpu0:2511)<6>usb 1-3: SerialNumber: W3_TR1ED_T0_PU7_ASC1I_GO4TSE_H3RE_W0ULDNT_FI7-WQGPD7HT4RIK

As the hint references Goatse, the l33t-speak string of "WE TRIED TO PUT ASCII GOATSE HERE WOULDNT FIT" seems like it's the key, followed by what appears to be a more traditional serial number (-WQGPD7HT4RIK).

The flag is: W3_TR1ED_T0_PU7_ASC1I_GO4TSE_H3RE_W0ULDNT_FI7

Posted on Aug. 12, 2015, 9:16 a.m. by craSH