Summer 2014 Happenings

Neg9 had an awesome and busy summer. Too busy to update the website.. yeah, that's the ticket...

Members of Neg9 attended REcon and had a blast in Montreal, set up camp in Neah Bay for ToorCamp, caused some mayhem at NYC for HOPE X, and finally decended on Vegas for the annual havoc at Defcon.

Neg9 CTF members and lots of friends dedicated most waking and sober hours of Defcon this year to play in the OpenCTF. After days of fighting with modems, DTMF, manual OCR, and general awesome hacking, Neg9 won first place and gained a black badge! Great props go out to vand for an awesome competition and all the Neg9ers that dedicated their Defcon to the game.

More recently, Neg9 played in the CSAW 2014 Quals and came away with 24th place. This year's was another great contest put on by the folks at NYUPoly, with even more entertainment with

Now that the conference season has wrapped up for the summer, watch this space for updates about future events and meetings. Or silence until we remember that we have a website, whichever is more likely...

Posted on Sept. 22, 2014, 2:34 p.m. by tecknicaltom