This week, we launched a new effort towards improving Neg9 called the Neg9 Core. Core is made of up several active members of Neg9 who have shown dedication and a desire to improve Neg9, who can work together to improve Neg9 organization and activity level.

Creating an inner group always has the potential to rub people the wrong way or make people feel alienated. However, our goal is honest so please read the whole description of the group and feel free to keep the conversation going if you have questions or concerns.

The Neg9 Core, initially proposed as a sort of “board of directors” for Neg9, is really just an organizational aid. Neg9 is and will always be a group made up of its members, largely run by the concepts of a meritocracy, but there are times when the ability to make an executive decision is necessary. Those who have tried to push for changes or activities, such as meetings, presence at conferences, etc., have often put ideas out to the general Neg9 public, where it is met with many varied opinions and inputs. While we will always encourage and value participation and discussion, frequently plans fail to materialize due only to organizational issues - too many cooks in the kitchen as they say. The purpose of the Neg9 Core is to solve these types of problems. Everybody will still be welcome to propose ideas and share input, but there is a need for a designated group of people to make the tough decisions necessary for action.

That said, don’t feel bad about not being in Core. The number of members is limited and based on involvement. It’s about being able to dedicate time and effort towards bringing some organization to Neg9. Herding cats is the common idiom, but sometimes that doesn’t seem to do it justice.

Finally, I know as a loyal Neg9 member, you’re thinking: “how will this affect me?”. You’ll hopefully see a future where Neg9 is more active, with more meetings, informal get-togethers, an improved and better-defined Neg9 CTF team, and all around awesomer Neg9. The type of organization you’ll be proud to say you’re a member of! You’ll still be asked for your opinions and be involved in steering Neg9’s general direction, and you’ll still be able to give as much as your time to Neg9 as you feel able to. But hopefully, that time will be better spent and more worthwhile with an improved Neg9.

We hope this is a change that everybody can get behind and support. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact any of the Core members off-list (check for PGP keys on