Goodbye Riviera

DEFCON 18 was a most excellent DEFCON! There were next to no problems, Priest even called it the calmest DEFCON ever - wow! Good stuff, it made for a great year.

Neg9 participated (and came in 3rd place) in the TubeWarriors oCTF this year, and it was overall quite enjoyable. It was their first year organizing the competition, and with that they did quite a good job. Of course there were kinks here and there, and we may be bitter about a few things - but we're mostly hopeful for next year.

Neg9 was the only team to root one of the game machines, which was great fun - a full write-up for that is available here: TubeWarriors DEFCON 18 oCTF "2speed" Local Root Exploit

We'll continue practicing and finding good people for our team - next year maybe we'll see you at oCTF as well as ddtek's CTF - at the Rio hotel!

Posted on Aug. 6, 2010, 12:57 a.m. by craSH